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North Carolina Products

If you are looking for authentic North Carolina barbecue sauce and other products made in NC, look no further than our North Carolina Products page! From sassy-sweet western NC (aka Piedmont style) BBQ sauce to tangy vinegar-based eastern NC barbeque sauce, famous brands like Bone Suckin' Sauce to delightful discoveries like Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauces, and even authentic Jamaican-style jerk marinades made in NC, plus officially licensed UNC Tarheels, NC State Wolfpack and ECU Pirates hot sauces and BBQ gift sets, you can find them all in our North Carolina Products section (as well as on the category pages for each type of product).

BBQ Sauce & Dry Rubs

The Carolina Sauce Company was born in the heart of barbecue country, and we've got a special affection for the local barbeque sauces. While many might consider the superiority of dry rubs or mustard-, tomato- or vinegar-based barbeque sauces to be a religious debate, we love them all. We're happy to offer barbecue sauces from North Carolina and other parts of the US, as well as some international favorites. We also have an extensive selection of dry rubs and seasonings. You could spend hours researching different barbecue recipes and slaving in the kitchen trying to perfect your barbeque sauce or rub recipe, OR you could spend just a few minutes here and select a delicious award-winning sauce or rub that's sure to please your palate. Whether you spell it Barbecue, Barbeque or BBQ, and whether you like your ribs wet or dry, you'll find the perfect sauce or rub for your grilling masterpieces right here! We also have hot sauce, if you need some heat to wake up your homemade barbecue sauce recipe.

Hot Sauce & Salsa

Our on-line store has a huge selection of hot sauce from all over the world and in all heat levels, from mildly spicy and full-flavored hot sauces to the most extreme-heat ultra-hot sauces and pepper extracts. We provide ingredient lists and nutritional information from labels, as well as product descriptions. If a hot sauce label includes recipes, we mention that, too. If you're looking for salsa, you've also come to the right place. And if you are a serious chilehead who is searching for the hottest hot sauces available, you'll enjoy browsing through the hottest hot sauces we carry!

Gourmet Gift Baskets

gourmet bacon gift basket A gourmet gift basket stocked with hard-to-find and unique products is the perfect special-occasion gift for anyone who enjoys good food, from the home chef to the business colleague. Our selection of well-appointed gift baskets and strikingly packaged gourmet gift boxes has something for everyone, from the the bacon freak to the barbecue connoisseur, the international gourmand to the garlic lover. Visit our new Gourmet Gift Baskets page to see just a few of the amazing gift boxes and gift baskets available from our partners, and be sure to keep checking back because we will be expanding our offerings with additional themed gifts.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of good taste and the fun of finding new foods to savor with an electronic Gift Certificate for bacon, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, fresh seafood, bison and other exotic meats, imported gourmet specialties and other fine foods. Some of our partners even have old-fashioned gift cards and printed certificates that you can order online. Available in a wide range of amounts to fit any budget, these gift certificates can be sent directly to the intended recipient or to you. Best of all, they never expire!

About Us, FAQ, Contact Us

Want to know more about who we are and what we do? Learn more about the Carolina Sauce Company by visiting our updated About Us/FAQ page, with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have other questions or would like to contact us, visit our Contact Us page.

Customer Reviews

Read what many of our satisfied customers have to say about the Carolina Sauce Company, our delicious products, our great low prices, and our outstanding customer service!

Meats and Cheese

Meats and Cheese The Carolina Sauce Company is now THE place to shop for the best deals on meats and cheese, including bacon, buffalo and other natural meats and exotic game, Italian antipasto, salami, Spanish ham and chorizo, all types of cheese including the best cheddar and parmesan cheese, plus cheeses from Italy, France, England, Spain and more. We've partnered with carefully selected producers, importers and distributors of specialty meats and cheeses, French Cheese Assortment including OliveNation, importers of Italian, Spanish and other European cheeses and meats; Bacon Freak, distributors of specialty, gourmet, and all-natural bacon plus bacon-flavored foods, bacon gifts and novelty items; CyberCucina, distributors of gourmet specialty foods from Europe and Russia; and others. Our partners will ship their quality meats and fine cheese straight to your home or business, at a reasonable price and with impeccable customer service. Make sure to visit our Meats and Cheese page as we'll be expanding our offerings to bring you greater variety, hard-to-find specialties, and great deals, too!

Best Selling Sauces

Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce Want to know what are our most popular products? Curious to learn what other chiliheads and fellow BBQ lovers are enjoying? Take a look at our list of Top Selling Sauces & Products, listed below! We update this list each month to show the best-sellers from the previous month. Additionally, you can check out our lists of Best-Selling Products for 2020 (the 2021 list is coming soon!), where you'll find our Best-Selling Hot Sauces, Best-Selling BBQ Sauces, Best-Selling Rubs & Seasonings, Best-Selling Marinades & Condiments, Best-Selling Salsa & Wing Sauce, Best-Selling Jamaican Jerks & Curry, Best-Selling Snacks plus Sweets & Beverages, Best-Selling North Carolina Products, Best-Selling Gifts, and Best-Selling Steak Sauces & Chili Mixes. Below are the Top 10 best-selling sauces & other products for Winter 2021/2022:

1. Fighting Cock Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce

2. Colon Cleaner (Prof. Phardtpounders) Hot Sauce

3. Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce

4. Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce

5. Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Sauce

6. Walkerswood Las'Lick Jerk Sauce

7.Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce

8. Iguana Vicious Jalapeno Mini Pepper Sauce

9. Marie Sharp's Beware Comatose Hot Sauce

10. Mountain Man Garlic Pepper Hot Sauce

BBQ & Grill Accessories

Beer Can Chicken Roaster and Flavor Enhancer w/ Potato Prongs From smoker wood chips, charcoal & grilling planks to personalized branding irons for steaks and deluxe beer can chicken grill roasters, we offer a wide selection of must-have BBQ & grill accessories to help you smoke, grill and cook the tastiest foods you've ever had. Grilling and saucing tools, digital meat thermometers, and even charcoal and gas grills plus a variety of smokers, you'll find them all here through our partners. We're your one-stop source for everything you need or want to become King (or Queen) of the Grill. Our barbecue, smoker & grill products and accessories are also great gifts for your favorite outdoor chef and BBQ enthusiast.

Sauce for a Cause

Dog-gone BBQ Sauce If you like to do good while you eat well, visit our new Sauce for a Cause page. When you purchase any of the zesty products listed there, the manufacturers donate a portion of the proceeds to various charities and nonprofits including breast cancer research, protection of endangered species, church youth groups & missions, soup kitchens & families in need, animal shelters and rescue groups. Among the participating brands and products are Salvation Sauce, African Rhino Peri-Peri Hot Sauces, and Dog-Gone BBQ & Hot Sauces.

Low Carb, No Carb Sauces

Did you know that most hot sauces are very low in carbohydrates, and many are zero carb? Likewise, most Eastern NC barbecue sauces are also low carb, because they're vinegar-based and usually have no tomatoes or sweeteners. What's great about the low carb diet is that not only do you get to eat meat, but you can make it taste good, too! We've put together a section of Low Carb Sauces in our store to help you out. Of course, some of these sauces may say ZERO carbs on the label, but actually have < 1.0 carbs, so be careful. But for almost any of these, a little dab will do ya!

Top Ten Hot Sauce Slogans?

It seems as if everyone has a cute slogan for their hot sauce website, so we've been racking our brains to come up with one. So far, we've decided that none of these will be our slogan. If you're easily offended, then you won't want to Read the List!

Gluten-Free Products

Deano's Gluten-Free Jalapeno Chips If you're looking for tasty gluten-free sauces and seasonings, you're in luck! We have delicious gluten-free barbecue sauce, feisty gluten-free hot sauce, zesty gluten-free rubs, flavor-packed gluten-free salsas and condiments, and more. For your convenience, we've assembled a page where you can see all the different Gluten-Free Products we offer in our online store. We also offer gluten-free resources & guide books for shopping and dining out.

Clubs & Gourmet Gifts

Swine and Wine Club Red Wine Whether you're shopping for a housewarming gift, a tasteful business or corporate gift, a thank-you gift for a host, a special-occasion gift for a foodie or chilehead, or simply wish to treat yourself to an assortment of delicious products for the pantry, grill or table, you'll find what you're looking for on our new Gourmet Gifts page. From imported pastas, vinegars and oils to fine cheeses, BBQ and grilling gifts, and international selections, we offer something for every taste and budget. We also offer a variety of Monthly Clubs, including popular BBQ sauce and salsa "Sauce of the Month" clubs, plus monthly Bacon Clubs, Gourmet Food Clubs and more, available in 3, 6 and 12-month programs as well as pay-as-you-go options. And when you need a last-minute gift, nothing beats one of our Gift Certificates for hot sauce, BBQ sauce, bacon, gourmet foods, kitchen & grilling products, or even posters & art. Keep checking our site because we plan on adding more gift options, clubs and gourmet products.

Cookbooks & Food Art

Bacon Cookbook Do you collect or enjoy reading cookbooks? Are you searching for new recipes, fresh culinary inspiration, or books about grilling, special diets or other food topics? Visit our Cookbooks page and and see our featured selection of cookbooks! And if you've always wanted to publish & sell your very own cookbook or print a collection of family recipes into a beautiful book as a wedding gift or keepsake, you can now do so through our new partner, Blurb! You can also subscribe to great cooking & food magazines including Chile Pepper Magazine. And if you're re-decorating your kitchen or dining room, or looking for some cool food-related posters or art prints, make sure to check out our collection of our favorite food & beverage art & posters.

Recipes, Product Info, Etc.

Looking for zesty, easy to make recipes? Curious about an untried product? Want to see our list of the hottest hot sauces? Then read the Carolina Sauce Company Blog, where you'll also find cooking and grilling tips, new product reviews, special announcements and other useful information for living the zesty life. Don't miss out on upcoming special sales and coupons: simply subscribe to our free RSS blog feed by clicking on the button below and get all the breaking news:

Subscribe in a reader

Low Sodium, No Sodium Products

Are you looking for low sodium and no sodium sauces and condiments? How about seasonings and dry rubs made with no salt? Who says a low salt or sodium restricted diet has to be bland and boring? Check out our selection of Low Sodium and No Sodium Sauces, Seasonings, Condiments and Snacks! All of the products listed in our Low Sodium, No Sodium section have no more than 35 mg of sodium per serving, qualifying them as "very low sodium" products. Now you can spice up your food and wake up your taste buds while staying on a low salt diet!

Kosher Products

If you're looking for Kosher hot sauce, kosher barbecue sauce, Kosher seasonings and other Kosher products, you're in luck! For your convenience, we've assembled a page where you can see all the different Kosher Products we offer in our online store. We'll keep adding to our selection of Kosher certified zesty products, so keep checking back for new arrivals.

Hot Wing Sauces and Mustards

Check out our selection of the very best chicken wing sauces, starting with the original Anchor Bar hot wing sauces from Buffalo, NY. We also carry the award-winning line of DEFCON Wing Sauces, which range from the mild DEFCON 3 to the dangerously extreme-heat DEFCON 1. We can also help you find the perfect mustard and ketchup to slather on your sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs.

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